Our energy optimization solution

Unlock unprecedented energy performance!

A unique technology

Our service offering is based on a proprietary energy optimization technology that is used by our team to manage your HVAC-R. We add a layer of intelligence like an “autopilot” that uses an IoT gateway to communicate with your thermal equipment and management systems (BMS, PLCs).

Our algorithm controls the operation of your installation remotely, anticipating the thermal needs of your building by forecasting changes in weather, business activity and occupation patterns. By automatically modifying the setpoints of the HVAC-R equipment (chilled water temperature, pump or AHU speed, etc.), your system becomes predictive and adaptive as opposed to traditional reactive control.

The end result is significant savings – up to 40%, shared equitably between the client and BeeBryte. Additionally, there is better temperature management and improved safety and productivity. To measure our performance, we adhere to the highest standards and our solution is compliant with the IPMVP protocol and the ASHRAE standard!

The ultimate layer that makes all the difference

Unprecedented results without modifying existing installation

“Why modify a system that is not broken? ». This legitimate question is often asked. And we answer: “so that it works even better”!

A facility manager may be reluctant to make modifications to an HVAC-R system whose energy consumption seems to be appropriate. Reluctance to modifications is understandable but we are here to change the definition of “appropriate consumption”.

Unlike automation systems that only use programmed logic to react to internal and external variables, our patented technology is based on anticipation. And that changes everything!

Our solution supports the majority of standard communication protocols (BACnet, Modbus, LON) and can therefore be connected to most conventional control systems, making it easily deployable in all commercial & industrial buildings.

  • Lower costs and carbon footprint

    Up to 40% energy savings

  • Better temperature & air quality management

    Compliance with operating constraints and improved comfort

  • Increased equipment safety and resilience

    Operates in window of maximum efficiency and increases longevity

  • Remote maintenance support

    Early detection of anomalies to avoid downtime

  • Real-time HVAC-R system monitoring

    Intuitive remote hypervision platform for proactive management

  • Enhanced operational productivity

    Our teams are on hand for your operational performance

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Immediate savings and zero risk !

Our AI-based energy optimization solution intelligently adjusts your thermal systems in real-time. There is no need to replace or modify your HVAC-R, our solution interfaces with existing equipment without interruption.

BeeBryte takes care of most of the initial investment and is remunerated from the generated savings.

  • Quick and easy installation

    Our team installs the solution in a few hours; no downtime or interruption to your business.

  • Reversible at any time

    At the touch of a button, the system immediately returns to its previous operating mode.

  • Operational constraints respected

    We always respect the operating hours or the constraints defined by the customer (e.g. max/min temperature).

  • Operational continuity assured

    Safety and security measures ensure that your operations are never interrupted

  • Compensation for any unforeseen problems

    We take full responsibility for any damage. It has never been used, but our insurance covers any malfunction!

Personalized support

Logistic warehouses, cold storage facilities, office towers, laboratories, shopping centers, university campuses, …

Because customer expectations and configurations differ, support from our technical experts is at the heart of our approach.

Implementation: with simplicity and efficiency!

Our commitment: precise analysis, quick installation, visible and substantial results, technical support available 24/7!

  • 01 Site visit

    We assess compatibility & identify savings opportunities.

  • 02 Installation

    We install an IoT gateway that connects your equipment to our cloud platform.

  • 03 Calibration

    We model a consumption baseline to calculate energy savings.

  • 04 Operation

    Our solution modifies the HVAC-R system setpoints based on AI predictions.

  • 05 Savings

    You receive a monthly report highlighting key metrics and our performance.

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A new look at your installation

We control your HVAC-R system in real time, but you keep an eye on our actions!

Our service includes a customizable dashboard that gives you increased visibility into the operation and energy performance of your facilities. It also provides unprecedented information to support your corrective and preventive actions, for increased equipment availability and reduced operating costs.

  • Real-time control

    A dashboard gives all the data and indicators you need

  • Predictive algorithm

    Access your energy consumption and production forecasts

  • Alert system

    Contact by email & SMS in case of emergency situations

  • Assistance

    Our team is at the service of your operational performance

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