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The strength of BeeBryte’s solution lies in its ability to manage tens of thousands of parameters remotely and continuously, automatically and by anticipation.

The power of our algorithms makes it possible to obtain these spectacular results, without the need to modify your installation or operation.

Warehouses and cold storage

Because the stored goods are highly valuable, and because of frequent loading and unloading activities, we are able to preserve the cold chain, while optimizing the operation of the installations.

Air-conditioned logistics center : 37% saved year-after-year.

This 90,000 m2 logistics center based in Singapore is equipped with the most efficient ventilation and air conditioning systems available today. Yet BeeBryte was hired to go even further in optimizing the operation of its VRV systems and reduce its carbon footprint.

Our challenge was to further improve energy efficiency using predictive and adaptive control (as opposed to traditional reactive control) without compromising comfort and operational constraints.

By anticipating energy demand based on weather conditions and delivery truck arrivals, our solution eliminated hot and cold spots throughout the building, ensuring optimal storage conditions and significantly reducing energy consumption and power demand.

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  • $600,000 annual savings
  • 1,000 tons/yr of CO2 avoided
  • - 37% on HVAC consumption

Large commercial buildings

Universities, shopping centers, office buildings… Large volumes to be maintained at the right temperature, ensuring occupants benefit from the best thermal comfort, wherever they are located in the building, regardless of the external conditions.

The Singapore GreenMark Platinum status attests that their buildings already have the best performing HVAC systems available on the market today. Yet like in any other commercial building, the BMS was still operating the HVAC system based on programmed logic. BeeBryte was hired to further improve energy efficiency using our predictive & adaptive regulation (as opposed to traditional reactive regulation) while maintaining comfort across different floors and usage zones.

Through dynamic optimization of thousands of HVAC variables in real-time (production, distribution, air-side), our solution is able to significantly lower the utility bill of this already-efficient building and ensure the indoor temperature stays within the pre-defined comfort range of 23-25°C.which improved tenant’s experience and reduced the number of complaints which the facility manager had to process previously, freeing time for more added-value tasks.


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  • $185,000 annual savings
  • Increased indoor comfort
  • Freeing time for other FM tasks

Climate controlled environment

Laboratories or industrial clean rooms where air temperature, air renewal and air quality (dust and humidity) cannot deviate from certain standards; security and safety are issues which BeeBryte solves while providing increased energy performance.

Industrial clean room: simplifying energy management & preventing downtime.

This major chemical company has industrial clean rooms located in France and subject to specific air quality constraints leading to high HVAC-R load. BeeBryte was asked to deploy its IoT solution to alleviate optimization issues with the operation of its air-cooled chillers while adhering to strict requirements for dust and humidity levels.

Our client also benefits from predictive maintenance services which reduces the risk of equipment downtime by detecting performance anomalies and efficiency losses ahead of breakdowns. This service is crucial to the smooth operation of research laboratories with time-sensitive experiments conducted in clean rooms.

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  • 45% reduction of chiller plant consumption
  • Enhanced air quality control (dust+humidity)
  • Early detection of performance anomalies