The common beliefs that guide our energy performance efforts


Since BeeBryte’s early days, we have been looking for hardworking people with an anything-is-possible mindset, and a strong belief that economic and environmental interests can be reconciled.

Currently, BeeBryte has 30 employees spread across two continents who share an appreciation for challenges and collaboration driven by goals both individually and as a team, towards sustainability.

We are a dynamic group with multiple educational and cultural backgrounds that enjoy breaking stereotypes as much as glass ceilings. All are welcome (to apply) and we honor the following commandments:


  1. We love bees
  2. We are concerned about ecology and work for sustainability
  3. We as a team are more than the sum of us
  4. We trust ourselves and support each other
  5. We create value with things people need & want
  6. We are serious about customer service
  7. We believe the answer often comes from collaboration
  8. We always make time to talk
  9. We speak up and play fair
  10. We connect to stay productive and innovative
  11. We exercise, take breaks and laugh a lot
  12. We check in on each other’s health and state of mind
  13. We see the glass half full
  14. We take calculated risks and say yes to challenges
  15. We never know if we don’t try
  16. We might make mistakes but hypotheses are worth disproving
  17. We are curious and never stop learning
  18. We don’t let naysayers get us down
  19. We are creative and hustle for excellence


If you would like these to be your commandments too, join us today! Apply here

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