New corporate identity

Introducing our new corporate identity

BeeBryte is proud to announce the launch of our new logo and corporate identity. We have grown since 2015, and we are refreshing our brand to better reflect who we are today.

After careful consideration, we have chosen a new logo that is modern with key elements that convey our mission and orientation for growth, while remaining true to our reputation for (i) delivering reliable service, and (ii) significantly improving energy performance in commercial buildings and factories.

We are saying goodbye to the honeybee picto that represented BeeBryte since its founding, for the honeycomb reflecting our evolution and maturity both in Europe and Asia. Our new logo retains a bit of yellow representing energy, vitality and movement. And we’ve added a touch of blue, symbolizing serenity and comfort… The union of the two is green echoing the sustainability and efficiency that we deliver to our customers.

Along with a new logo, comes a new tagline: “New ways for energy efficiency“. It expresses our commitment to provide the best energy optimization services and innovation to make previously unattainable energy savings possible & allow HVAC systems to function better than ever.

But you may also wonder where the name “BeeBryte” come from in the first place? What’s the connection between the service we provide and bees?

The 2 founders, Patrick Leguillette & Frédéric Crampé, had to give it a name when they founded our company end of 2015. But how does one choose a great brand name? That’s a tricky exercise for any entrepreneur.

We decided to make up a new word that would echo our objective to empower people and corporations to gain access to cheaper, cleaner and smarter energy.

In addition to expressing empowerment, we wanted our name to include the industrious honeybee for the vital role these amazing insects play in our environment. We also like the symbolism they represent in relation to pollution and climate change indicators.

We found strong similarities between our energy intelligence & automation solution, and honeybees which collaboratively extract mother nature’s energy while optimizing colony management. Bees are so popular that there is even an optimization algorithm in computer-science based on artificial bee swarm behaviors!

This definitely spoke to our inner geeks and our company had to include the word “Bee”!

After many failed attempts at word combinations, we decided to play with the expression “Be Bright” and its many nuances. It is an invitation to be smarter and is full of light & hope.

We lengthened the verb “Be” with “Bee” to include our favorite insect and replaced “Bright” with “Bryte” which sounds the same, has a more original spelling and accessorily led to an available .com internet name!

And BeeBryte was born!


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