Make your energy strategy a way to become more competitive

Consume better, improve the reliability of HVAC-R installation, enhance technical & operational performance, increase thermal comfort, and have measurable progress in CSR strategy

Reduce energy costs

With our predictive & automated control solution, we deliver up to 40% energy savings without change to habits or extra work, and without any modifications to existing HVAC-R equipment.

The greater the consumption, the greater the potential savings. Our customers operate in the following market segments: logistics centers, cold storage facilities, large commercial buildings (shopping centers, office towers, universities…)

Because reducing energy costs increases competitiveness, BeeBryte brings a technological answer to your sustainable growth.

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Secure the operation of your equipment

Our solution also increases the safety and reliability of your cooling and refrigeration systems by detecting performance anomalies and efficiency loss before breakdowns. This is possible thanks to our predictive control which is going beyond simple automation. Our algorithms track your system data, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Without increasing the workload of maintenance teams, you reduce downtime for increased operational performance, for the greater comfort of the occupants and for absolute respect of the cold chain. If you have refrigerated or frozen goods, they have never been safer with BeeBryte!

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Improve the comfort in your buildings

Shopping malls, office towers and universities often have complex configurations including open public spaces, volume areas requiring more cooling/heating than others, varying occupancy and hours of operation.

The owners and operators of these buildings look for ways to increase attractiveness and enhance the experience of the occupants. It also means making sure that the temperature will remain within the defined comfort range under all circumstances.

In real-time, our solution predicts and adjusts the HVAC-R setpoints by anticipating changes in weather conditions and building occupancy in order to provide a maximum level of thermal comfort under all latitudes and climates!

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Compliance with critical air quality constraints

Clean rooms, research laboratories, sensitive manufacturing facilities… In some sectors (chemistry, semiconductors, etc.), the production constraints of our industrial customers include specific elements, such as air humidity or dust levels, for example.

These industries have high HVAC-R load, which our solution optimizes with predictive maintenance thanks to the early detection of the first signs of weakness of the elements in your installation.

Facilitating the work of the maintenance teams is crucial as downtime in this type of industrial production can be particularly damaging.

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Reduce and monitor your environmental footprint

What does a 40-storey office tower in Singapore, and a 12,000m2 cold storage facility in Europe have in common? If you answered large scale cooling & refrigeration bills you are correct!

Even so, chiller plant usage may differ: 24 hours a day vs. partial days, comfort objectives vs cold chain constraints, contrasting climates etc.

As different as the priorities and configurations may be, the flexibility of our solution combined with the diversity of our expertise enables us to respond to this common challenge: reduce emissions, control your carbon footprint, and build a sustainable future.

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