Case Study – World leader in transport and logistics


This study focuses on a leading group in logistics and transport, present in more than 200 countries around the world, and generating billions in turnover.

The site is composed of 3 buildings including an office building and 2 warehouses​, where sensitive goods that require air-conditioning are stored.

As there was no energy monitoring tool installed in the buildings, the group relied on a technician who would frequently visit and manually check the temperatures. Consequently, the group realized the necessity of incorporating automated sensors to aid in temperature monitoring.

In this case study, you will discover how BeeBryte was able to reduce the group’s energy bill by deploying its energy intelligence solution, with a specific focus on the cooling system of the main warehouse.



Objectives of our Solution

Reduce HVAC consumption by controlling and monitoring the temperature and humidity levels within the different areas

Better anticipate electricity consumption with real-time data to reduce the energy cost of the main warehouse

Ensure comfort and operational constraints in the warehouse with reliable operation and minimal disruptions

Limit power overconsumption penalties of the warehouse and therefore reduce its utility bill 

Lower maintenance costs thanks to early-stage anomaly and drift detection

Centralize the control of the FCUs


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