Case study – Retail group


This study centres around a prominent retail group with a presence in over 12,000 stores and 30 countries, generating billions of euros in revenue.

The group’s objective was to achieve energy savings without the need for new equipment.

In this study, we will focus on one of their sites in the Paris region, which is among the seven warehouses they have entrusted to us.

One of their main concerns was the potential disruption to the machines’ optimal performance, which are essential for the proper management of cold products. In this study, you will discover how BeeBryte effectively reduced their energy costs while adhering to their operational limitations.


The implementation of the solution went very well despite the technical difficulties due to the nature of our site. The follow-up was very good afterwards, we are very happy with the BeeBryte solution.

 Technical / Maintenance Manager



Operational Goals

Upgrade the supervision system (Technical Building Management) for improved control and monitoring

Enhance the cold systems to effectively handle hot and scorching summers


Energy Goals

Reduce the energy consumption by 10% to 20% from the first year onwards

Adjust the setpoint temperatures to a range of 0 to 2°C instead of 2 to 4°C


Economic Goals

Reduce electricity bills without any investment


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