Case study – Research and innovation centre


This study focuses on a world-renowned research centre dedicated to sustainability and innovation.

The group aimed to decrease the energy consumption of its laboratories and implement automated systems to regulate temperature and pressure.

The chemical industry is highly cautious about risk, and any modifications to existing facilities and processes are approached with great care. Indeed, laboratories must maintain thermal stability to mitigate potential hazards associated with the presence of toxic and corrosive substances.

To optimize the chillers, it was necessary to adjust the building’s overall conditioning system, which includes ventilation that plays a crucial role in ensuring safety.

In this study, you will learn about how BeeBryte successfully reduced the energy expenses for the group.



Objectives of our Solution

Introduction of an optimisation strategy based on Water regulation to maintain consistent temperatures in buildings

Implementation of an “ON/OFF” optimisation approach to enhance chiller production and distribution

Implementation of remote control for automated regulation to ensure cost savings

Improved management of temperature control during transitional seasons

Improved transitioning between cooling and heating modes

Enhanced comfort for laboratory users

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