Software Engineer


BeeBryte is a rapidly expanding company dedicated to energy optimization. Since 2015, our expertise in IT, OT, Data Science, and Thermal Engineering guides innovative solutions aimed at reducing energy consumption and the carbon footprint of our clients.

With a presence in France, Singapore, and Spain, we offer 24/7 predictive control services and operational support to improve the energy efficiency of HVAC-R systems. Our automation, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things technologies anticipate needs, enabling substantial savings of up to 40% on energy bills. BeeBryte’s goal is to empower individuals and businesses to access cheaper, cleaner, and smarter energy.


Job Requirements:

Study of Operations Management Solutions according to ITIL, AIOps, Ontology, in the Industrial and IIoT Context

Internship Objectives:

Conduct a comparative analysis of market solutions for operations management.

Evaluate the effectiveness of solutions according to ITIL, AIOps, ontology, in the industrial context and IIoT.

Propose recommendations to optimize the company’s operational processes by integrating identified best practices.

Assigned Tasks:

Conduct an in-depth review of literature on ITIL, AIOps, ontology, industrial context, and IIoT in operations management.

Identify market solutions suitable for operations management in the industrial context and integrated with IIoT.

Set up specific test scenarios to assess the performance of solutions in a connected industrial environment.

Collaborate with operational teams to gather feedback and integrate IIoT-related specificities.

Write a detailed report including the study results and recommendations, highlighting synergies between ITIL, AIOps, ontology, industrial context, and IIoT.

Desired Skills:

In-depth knowledge of ITIL, AIOps, ontology, industrial context, and IIoT.

Mastery of operations management tools with IIoT features.

Ability to conduct comparative analyses and formulate recommendations, taking into account industrial specificities and IIoT.

Ability to install applications in a Linux environment.

Programming knowledge in Python & Java.


Candidate Profile:

Student in the 5th year of a computer engineering school, passionate about new technologies, with a strong interest in issues related to operations management. Autonomous, rigorous, and with good communication skills.


Practical Information:

Internship Duration: 6 months starting from February

Location: Lyon or Singapore

Compensation: Conventional compensation



Send CV and cover letter to [email protected].