Building Management System (BMS)

Easily improve your energy efficiency!

What is a Building Management System?

A Building Management System allows you to retrieve information from your technical equipment and control and regulate it from a central point.

It can control heating, cooling, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, as well as lighting, blinds, fire detection, and security systems.

As the financial stakes surrounding building and equipment management increase, the use of a BMS makes sense.

BeeBryte’s BMS solution uses standard protocols, making it an open system that allows third party applications, such as our predictive HVAC-R control solution, to connect to it.

Installation, improvement: we quickly and easily support you.

A new kind of Building Management System with BeeBryte


At BeeBryte, we bring a particularly enlightened perspective to the regulation of HVAC-R equipment, which typically represents more than 60% of a building’s energy consumption.

Our knowledge of heating and cooling production and distribution facilities (such as central cooling plants, boilers, heat pumps, and air handling units) has enabled us to develop operating rules that meet the criteria of class A according to the NF EN ISO 52120-1: 2022 standard.

Our goal is to:

– Ensure the stability and resilience of your equipment and operational constraints through monitoring and alerts for machine drifts, temperature, humidity, and air quality.

– Reduce your energy bills and your CO2 impact by more than 20%.

– Achieve the objectives of the environmental regulations which make the use of a smart BMS mandatory in many countries.

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A customized offer

You do not have a Building Management System:

This leads to a lack of visibility on the functioning of your equipment and planned maintenance actions. You are also subject to the limitations of human action: error, limited availability, and presence.


You have a Building Management System:

Your operating and maintenance costs are reduced, and you can ensure better building monitoring. However, not all BMS are equal and have a variable level of energy efficiency. Our automation engineers and data scientists will review your installations and propose, if necessary, an upgrade that will allow your existing automation systems to exploit the energy savings potential of your installations.

We accompany you in the setup or upgrading of the BMS:


– Analysis of the energy efficiency level of the existing system
(classification A, B, C, D)

– Functional analysis and understanding of your specific needs

– Development of specifications and definition of the energy efficiency algorithm

– Integration of the software and hardware system

– Testing and delivery of the project

– User training


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Good to know;

The installation or upgrading of a Building Management System to Class A is a process that is subsidized in many jurisdictions. In some cases, the costs are fully supported.

Note that the solution can be used and maintained by any automation specialist.

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