The software and IoT revolution for an energy-efficient HVAC-R

Today your heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment (HVAC-R) operates under the control of a building management system (BMS) or an automation system that has a fixed operation and can only react to the external/internal environment by programmed logic.

Find out how our real-time control based on a predictive and adaptive approach is revolutionizing energy management.

The result is up to 40% savings. An energy-efficient HVAC-Refrigeration at zero investment costs and zero service interruptions.

A proven technology

BeeBryte provides a remote operation & maintenance service for heating-cooling systems with its predictive control-command technology. With numerous references across Europe and Asia, we address sites with large, energy-intensive installations to produce cooling (air conditioning & refrigeration) or heating from HVAC-Refrigeration systems.

The main market segments we address:

  • Temperature-controlled storage facilities
  • Sensitive production sites (food industry, clean rooms, …)
  • Large commercial buildings (shopping centers, office towers, universities, …)

The larger the volume, the more impressive the savings!

Check out our references

Entreposage température dirigée Grands bâtiments Usine de production sensible

BeeBryte provided reactive and proactive technical support, concerned about operational stakes and in close contact with our site teams; and allowed an improvement of the cold chain resilience thanks to a synthetic visualization of the thermal systems.

Site Manager, Global transport & logistics company
  • 40%

    energy cost savings achieved at client sites

  • 0

    CAPEX for our customers

  • 1day

    installation time

  • 2months

    to deliver the first savings

  • 0

    No risk of interruption, no changes to your existing equipment

Your road to an energy-efficient HVAC-R

  • Reduce your energy consumption by up to 40%

    Our customers enjoy a more energy-efficient HVAC-Refrigeration system thanks to predictive & adaptive control, without any modifications to their equipment.

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  • Secure your cooling production

    Our software automatically detects future anomalies and delivers qualified alarms, improving visibility and making preventive maintenance easier than ever.

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  • Optimize temperature control & improve comfort

    Eliminate all hot and cold spots for optimal storage conditions and improved user experience in your facilities.

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  • Reduce your environmental footprint

    Our software gives you the power to achieve your sustainability goals and simplify ESG reporting with an integrated user-friendly dashboard.

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Beebryte: Your smart energy manager

A technology that makes your installation work smarter

Our software is capable of remotely processing and interpreting thousands of data points in real time, leveraging operating data and external variables. We add a predictive and adaptive dimension that makes all the difference. Simple as that!

Discover our technology

Technologie intelligente

Untapped sources of energy savings

We give you the power to act not only on the operation of your installations but also on the external environment! So while you won’t be able to choose the weather for next week, or change your electricity supply contract overnight, you will be able to modulate your consumption accordingly. That’s what we call a truly energy-efficient HVAC-R!

Monetize your assets

Gisements économies

Immediate savings, no investment

Consume better. while counting the savings! We carry out the study and the installation at our own expense, interfacing with your PLC or BMS to control the existing HVAC-R system more intelligently. All this without any interruptions of your activity and without any initial cost!

We take care of everything!


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