Save up to 40% on Utility Bills

Leveraging artificial intelligence to make buildings
use less electricity and become smarter

Thanks to real-time control of HVAC systems and batteries

Prepare for the Internet of Energy

We temporarily shift heating/cooling loads and use batteries as energy buffers to:

1. desynchronize the purchase of electricity from its consumption in a building
2. minimize energy costs and carbon footprint without affecting service & comfort
3. maximize self-consumption from onsite generation like Solar PV (if any)

The First Energy Flexibility Operator

BeeBryte optimizes in real-time both comfort, cost and efficiency
based on a disruptive patented methodology

You save & we earn a %

Cloud-based software-as-a-service
with monthly subscription fees

Complexity made simple

Automatic control based on occupancy,
weather forecast and energy price signals

The Future is now

Self-learning technology evolving
with your buildings. Sit & relax!

Our Suite of Services for Commercial & Industrial Buildings

HIVE VISION (empowerment)

Energy monitoring, analysis and decision-support solution delivered as a SaaS with an easy-to-install box

HIVE OPTIMAL (lower bills)

Add-on function offering an automatic and real-time control of heating / cooling equipment (e.g. HVAC)

HIVE OPTIMAL++ (more savings)

Bundled with third-party finance, we add an energy storage system (Li-Ion battery) controlled by our SaaS

HIVE SUPPLY (cheaper electricity)

Monetizing your flexibility to retail electricity at discounted rates compared to traditional utilities

A Bit More About Us

Founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs Frédéric Crampé and Patrick Leguillette
Accelerated by Intel and TechFounders with a team of 20 in Singapore & France

Selected recognition awards:
- “Smart Cities 2017 Global Innovation Award” by Le Monde
- “Energy Transition Startup of the year 2017” by German Energy Agency
- “Entrepreneurial Company of the year 2017” by Frost & Sullivan
- Finalist EDF Pulse & Hello Tomorrow 2016